Gosse Developments have been contributing to the life and landscape of Whitbourne Newfoundland; our contributions are notable and noticeable.

On January 23 of 2012 the Conception Bay North Compass Newspaper published an article titled, ‘Tracking Evolution in Whitbourne: One-time logging, railway town experiencing significant growth.’ While Compass reporter Bill Bowman toured Whitbourne with Mayor Lloyd Gosse, he indicated that it was clear that the Mayor’s pride and joy were the new subdivisions and housing developments, especially the area of Goose Pond:

“Goose Pond Properties is an upscale housing development being carved out of the wilderness. Green spaces, with a brook flowing through, with concrete park benches are being added to the landscape.

‘To me that only dresses things up,’ Gosse remarks, adding, ‘one of the first things they did was pave the roads.’

Pointing to the houses, he observes: ‘These are not what you’d call small homes.’

Some of the properties range in value from $300,000 to $1 million.

‘Pretty well all the building lots are sold – the ones on the pond. They like to be near the water, and you can’t blame them for that,’ he says.

From his cell phone, Gosse calls town clerk Crystal Peddle at the town office, who checks the stats and confirms some 73 new homes have been built in Whitbourne in the last five years.”

Bowman reports that the location of Long Harbour has been a positive factor on real-estate values and the future growth of the area.

It is a good time to invest in the flourishing area of Whitbourne, Mayor Lloyde Gosse projected; “There appears to be no end in sight to Whitbourne’s current growth spurt.”


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